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Chicago candidates, responding to the question:
"Tell us something about yourself
that would surprise us."

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“I am a licensed soccer coach and spend hundreds of hours per year as volunteer coach and commissioner for the Edison Park Youth Organization that provides sports programs for teens and children. I am also a musician and singer. I play guitar and a little bit of the drums. I have performed with my band for many charitable events over the past two decades.”

“As a fourth year Pre-Med and Political Science major at the University of Chicago, I have been engaged in Political Science and Public Policy courses, as well as completing the requirements for the Medical Field. I am also a four-year member of the Maroons Varsity Baseball Team, and is a recipient of the Dean’s List. In addition, I received the University’s 2010 President’s Volunteer Service Award, and am the founder and president of the Chicago Inner-City Development Association on campus. In 2007, I graduated from Mount Carmel High School, where and ranked 6th my graduating senior class and was also a four year member of the Caravan’s Baseball Team. At Mount Carmel, I was able to learn from my Coach that pride, respect, and self esteem are synonymous, none of which are given, but earned. While at Mount Carmel, I competed and was a member of the Scholastic Bowl, Mock Trial, and Math teams, and achieved a 100% attendance rate in my four years at Mount Carmel High School. After starting a fundraising campaign in 2009 for the Canaryville Little League, I was able to successfully work with the youth of Canaryville and Bridgeport by going door to door to help raise funds for a new infield. After three days of fundraising, and over $1,200 later, I was determined to expand my efforts and provide the local Little League with a state-of-the-art baseball facility. After three months of fundraising and working with community members, I became the President of the Little League where I learned the true appreciation of being a part of a proud community of people, and where I was able to achieve endless possibilities with the help of the 11th Ward community. In the 2010 season, I organized different out-door community events, including an Elvis and Beatles Night, and helped make a $45,898 profit for the Little League in one season. After operating on a $76,000 budget, I learned first-hand the importance of being transparent with funds and in everyone working together, especially in seeing the amount of time and effort being provided by the proud community members of the Little League. With everyone working together, the Canaryville Little League saw a $34,000 renovation be completed, and many smiles on the faces of over 300 young boys and girls. I come from a family of twelve aunts and uncles, and 43 first cousins and enjoy spending time with his family and friends, organizing community events, learning about financing and history, trading stocks, listening to music, playing sports, jogging, and biking across the city.”

“When the Chicago Sun-Times was boycotted by the Black community for endorsing George Bush. Oppose to asking the protesters why, I ask the Tribune Editor at the time, “Why arent the protesters boycott the Chicago Tribune.” He answered that the Black community know we are going to remain the same. It is them that is not. They have changed and use to be republicans, We were republicans together and they changed. Not us.” I futher ask why Bush over Gore to continue the work of President Clinton as the Tribute supported his admintration in sustaining the nation. He replied, ” Its our turn now.” As i first started South Street Journal I followed the editorial directin of the Trib. And now they have changed their editor direction and layout. But i have not. Sorry for the type o and rush job. Ron Carter Publisher and Editor, South Street Journal”

“I love long road trips!”

“I wanted to be a super-hero all my life. I have dreamed of saving mankind from evil and wanted to hypothetically speaking “SAVE THE DAY”. I’ve mentored, marched for injustice, fed the hungry, stopped crime, and helped catch villians. It might sound childish but that’s why I compare myself to GREAT men like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Barack Obama, and of course Superman.”

“I first ran for (Alderman 16th Ward) City Council in 2003 at the age of 23. I played basketball at Englewood High School 1993-1997 on the school all-time most wins team who lost to Carver High School in the city Elite-Eight in 1997”

“Both my 12 year-old son and I compete in equestrian events throughout the region. My son has surpassed me in show jumping, but I can still hold my own. I also train and show dogs competitively in various kennel club shows. I am very competitive.”

“I grew up in a very athletic, competitive immigrant family. That experience has taught me discipline, fairness and the importance of working as a team to achieve goals.”

“Something that would surprise you about me is I prefer to be referred to as a Public Administrator as opposed to a Politician and I ride motorcycles cross country.”

“I am an FAA licensed pilot and belong to a flying club. I also have a certification in software development from DePaul.”